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Plano Library Databases 


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EBSCOHost – Newspaper Source

Full text for 40+ national and international newspapers, including The Wall Street Journal and some regional newspapers, as well as TV and radio news transcripts.

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GALENET – Infotrac Newstand

Collection of 400+ national and international newspapers, including The New York Times and some Texas newspapers.  Coverage dates vary.


Texas News

Houston Chronicle
Local Houston news.

San Antonio Express-News
Local San Antonio news.

Texas Monthly
Reporting on Texas issues such as politics, the environment, industry, and education.   Also information on the Texas scene, covering music, the arts, travel, restaurants, museums, and cultural events.

Texas Observer
Statewide Texas news and information.



American Journalism Review’s Newslink
Links to over 9,000 newspapers,magazines, broadcasters, and news services worldwide.

Cable channel for national and international news.

Public access to the governmental process, following Capitol Hill, the White House and national politics.

Chicago Tribune
Local Chicago and national news.

Christian Science Monitor
International news.

Federal News Service
Transcripts of hearing testimony of Congressional committees; public speeches and interviews of the President; State Department, Defense Department, and Justice Department briefings; Presidential campaign debates and more.

Fox News
Cable channel for national and international news.

Google News
Compilation of news from sources worldwide.

Los Angeles Times
Local Los Angeles and national news.

Cable channel covering national and international news.

National Public Radio
Non-commercial news, talk, and entertainment.

Reuters News Service
Provides national and international news stories.

A daily magazine on the web offering analysis and commentary about politics, news, and culture.

Time Magazine
Online version of the weekly news magazine with daily news updates.

USA Today
The nation’s daily newspaper covering national and international news.

Yahoo News
Compilation of news from sources worldwide.

The Onion
Satire.  A humorous spin to the daily news.



Al Jazeera
News coverage of the middle east.

The Australian
News coverage of Australia.

BBC World News
International news.

The Big Project
Links to hundreds of international news sources.

China Daily
News coverage of China.

The Economist
International business news.

The Guardian
News coverage of Great Britain.

The Hindu
News coverage of India.

International Herald Tribune
International and United States news coverage in conjunction with the New York Times.

Japan Times
News coverage of Japan.

Jerusalem Post
News coverage of Israel.

Newsmap is an application that visually reflects the constantly changing landscape of the Google News news aggregator.

News coverage of Russia.

South China Morning Post
News coverage of China.

The Times of India
News coverage of India.

The Times of London
News coverage of Great Britain.

Voice of America

International news.

World News
International news from over 400 media outlets.






National Weather Service – Dallas

Texas Weather


National and International

National Drought Information

The U.S. Drought Portal was created to provide comprehensive information on emerging and ongoing droughts, and to enhance the nation’s drought preparedness.  The site will provide information on past droughts for comparison and to aid in understanding current conditions.

National Weather Service

Weather Channel