Food Safety and Nutrition


All Recipes
Recipes for all occasions.  The site lets you create your own recipe file online.

Betty Crocker
All your favorite Betty Crocker recipes and an online community where you can ask those tough cooking questions.

Better Homes & Gardens Recipes
Those great recipes from Better Homes & Gardens and you can create your weekly menu on the site and it will generate your shopping list and provide coupons.

Cooks Recipes
Great recipes plus articles on a variety of cooking and entertaining topics, cookbook reviews and online programming from Paula Dean.

A collection of recipes from great chefs and cookbook authors.  All of the participating chefs and cookbook authors have their own profile pages.
Recipes, articles and videos to help make that next meal special.

Recipes from Gourmet and Bon Appétit, video instruction and much more.

The cooking encyclopedia everyone can edit. Find recipes and articles on basic foods, cooking techniques and kitchen tools. If you can’t find it, add it!

Food Network
Everything you have come to expect from the cable cooking channel plus much more.

Search for recipes using the ingredients already in your kitchen.


Food Insight
The International Food Information Council Foundation provides food safety, nutrition, and healthful eating information to help you make good and safe food choices.

Food Safety is the gateway to food safety information provided by federal government agencies.

Still Tasty
Information on how long you can store food and beverages before you shouldn’t eat or drink.  Also, how to best store food so that it stays healthy and nutritious  for as long as possible.

USDA Food  & Nutrition Center
The USDA’s food and nutrition information center.  Information on food safety, diet, food labeling and more.


American Diabetes Association
Food and menu suggestions from the American Diabetes Association to eat well-balanced meals in the correct amounts, stay fit, and take your prescribed medications.

American Heart Association
Heart-healthy dishes–from appetizers to desserts–that you and your whole family will love from the American Heart Association.

Eating Well
A selection of recipes with nutritional information included.


Find Me A Recipe
A large selection of international recipes.

Recipe Source
A large recipe collection sorted by ethnic cuisine and broken down by region and ethnic group, while other recipes are categorized by the type of dish.

Wikipedia Cuisines
Cooking techniques, recipes from national and ethnic cuisines, and much, much more.


All Recipes – Vegetarian
Member supported recipe collection.

Veg Web
Everything vegetarian, lots of recipes and an active online forums area.

Vegetarian Resource Group
This is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public on vegetarianism and the interrelated issues of health, nutrition, ecology, and ethics.


Food History and Historic Recipes
Food history presents a fascinating buffet of popular lore and contradictory facts.  Most foods we eat are not invented; they evolve.

Texas Locally Grown Products
Fruit and vegetable grower listings, along with listings for wineries as well as numerous beef, poultry and dairy producers located throughout the state.